A Video Is Worth 1,000 Likes: Video Content Optimization for Social Media Marketing

The rate of consumption of videos online at this moment is not surprising. The influence of videos posted online on buyers is evident; many online shoppers have expressed the impact of online videos on their decision making. The high population of video is distributed through social media, with all the major players agreeing video content is the most engaging, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All these social media websites have presented new tools to tap into the video trend.

What Is Social Media Video Optimization?

Video Marketing Through YouTube

When it comes to video optimization, YouTube is the most significant website where you want your video to display. It’s not as farfetched as it seems; Google is the dominant search engine on the world wide web and also owns YouTube. It’s not startling that ranking your video on YouTube may be much more comfortable for Google than a ranking of videos from other websites like Facebook and Twitter. Despite the priority YouTube has in the video content world, hosting video content on social media platforms is necessary. Utilizing YouTube can also help distribute video content onto a website or blog post, serving as another point of access for potential leads to connect with your company.

Video Marketing Through Social Media

Recently, a lot of companies have accomplished remarkable success by using video content on social media platforms to attract, understand, and develop a responsive relationship with their clients. Video is the most attractive type of online content available today. Many online marketers and businesses fail to utilize the tools and social networks that will take their video and SEO ranking to the next level.  With the increasing influence that social media is playing on the search algorithms, there is need to consider optimization of videos in your marketing mix.

Video Content Marketing Strategy

Any business wanting to succeed in the competitive market should include video as a part of a content marketing strategy. Nothing beats the influence of video when it comes to engaging quality content views, building brand confidence, and boosting client satisfaction. Videos are far ahead of eBooks, pitch decks, infographics, slide shares, etc. regarding influence on buyers’ decision.

Even though video content is essential in online marketing, video requires the proper strategy for implementation. As mentioned earlier, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are critical in video optimization; setting a plan before an application is vital.

Some necessary steps to take before implementation of a video plan includes:

  • Screen potential clients: understanding your potential customers before making the video is very important. There is a need to know what the clients you want will appreciate.
  • Examine competitor achievements: Research the success of your competitors who are already using video oriented marketing.
  • Evaluate your business: Become aware of the attributes of your company associated with the types of content your target customers find attractive.


Optimization Practices for Video Marketing on Social Media

Once you have considered what content will work well, optimizing video for social media is an additional, but necessary next step to sharing compelling video. The following practices can be used when you want to boost your search engine optimization for video marketing. These methods apply to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These video promotion guidelines help achieve maximum benefit from your video content strategy:

  • Write Captivating Titles/Headlines: The title of a video is key as the title of an article in terms attracting viewers. Keywords are also significant; the title of the video must contain 1 or 2 specific keywords that viewers can search. The choice of the keywords requires adequate research to know what searchers submit in their search, using tools such as Google Keyword Tool, Moz Keyword Researcher, or SEMRush. It’s very common to include the keywords in the URL and the file name of the video, too, which can be very useful.
  • Create Content That Engages: Content must convince as well as communicate significance to viewers. Attracting the interest of the viewers as potential buyers need consideration when planning any video content. Video must not be annoying to the viewers at the expense of trying to emphasize the product, services, or brand of the company or business.
  • Keep Videos Brief and Precise: Videos must format to the viewer’s short, casual attention span. Ideally, the length of the video should not exceed 5 minutes, for longer-format videos that are more informative and best suited for YouTube. For social media, a video between 10 second and 1 minute is preferred. In fact, most videos are less than 2 minutes long! Many viewers will get bored quickly when the video is also long; most viewers will quit the video once they get a message the video is trying to pass. Exceeding the ideal limit can make the viewer leave the clip prematurely. If you’re planning on social media paid to advertise, shorter video ads typically receive much more reach and views because they can easily be slotted as in-stream ads. Pages also have the option of adding a 20 seconds video as a cover video, too.
  • Choose Attractive Thumbnails: Viewers choose the type of video to watch from suggested thumbnails. The picture of the video, or a still, must appear attractive to the viewer. The thumbnail that appears with the result that displays in Google is the rich snippet of the content. The thumbnail must be engaging and representative of your brand. It must be noticeable to the enquirer.
  • Connect YouTube to Other Social Media Accounts: The influence of YouTube in generating traffic for videos online is highly significant, and it will increase the number of viewers of the video. Social media platforms work well with YouTube content and thus distributing your video content throughout social media platforms can drive traffic immensely.
  • Revise the Automated Transcript of the Video: While automated crawlers do provide a computer-generated transcript of each video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, sometimes computers get information wrong. Correcting and verifying the accuracy of information in the electronic transcript will allow search engines to guide the news of your video directly to your website while also giving your visitors another closed captioning options.Rob Blog Social-Media-Video-Optimization-Quote-768x534 A Video Is Worth 1,000 Likes: Video Content Optimization for Social Media Marketing

VR Video Interaction, Live Feed Streams, and the Future of Video Content.

The enormous role of Facebook in video marketing continues to grow. The announcement that users will be able to shoot Facebook Live videos in 360 degrees is the next stage in the evolution of online video content. It’s the next phase for Facebook video, and the future frontline for other video platforms, as competition for audience attention heats up in the space.

Facebook Spaces utilizes 360 videos and other immersive media, the apps are amongst the content with the highest reach and engagement on Facebook, and this number is growing! Exploring the area with a VR headset lets users interact with videos unlike ever before, and it’s something every content creator and distributor should be aware of as marketing continues to evolve in the digital space.

With Facebook Live, videos have a higher scope and viewership than traditional videos. Facebook Live only goes out directly to your followers, so the ‘Live’ is a chastely attachment centered approach, as opposed to an acquisition one. Live videos have been discovered to have a lower viewership than regular videos. But the format of Facebook Live video delivers a more actual and friendly experience that someone can connect with and feel a part of, as opposed to pre-produced videos that are less authentic.

Video content is here to stay. Create video content that is brief and will attract the right people as an audience. By providing concise, visual messaging, users connect to your brand in new and more beneficial ways. If your content marketing strategy is lacking video content, and concepts like Facebook Live, VR, and video advertising seem foreign to your marketing efforts, it’s now time to revisit your plan of work.

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