An Interview With Editor-in-Chief of Rob Blog, Rob Browning

We’ve done a good thing. We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Noelle Cheri, of BlogProcess.

The experience was welcomed as Rob Blog enters its 4th month of internet existence. This Editor-in-Chief interview marks months of hard work, content creation, and strong technical improvements to the website. After generating quite a following, the community is sparking conversation about our blog! We couldn’t be more thrilled! Enjoy the full interview on BlogProcess.

Here is a short preview:

“What can you tell young digital marketers who are pursuing their dreams?”

“Keep learning. Digital marketing tools, best practices, and policies can change overnight (always), so you must keep up; be flexible and learn how to become adaptive. Don’t be afraid to share these ideas as well. Your bosses and managers don’t have time to read Zest or Inbound, so share with them what you’ve learned!”

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