4 Steps to Running A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign: Basics (Step 1)

[Facebook Advertising Series #1] – Facebook has evolved into a next-level consumer-driven platform, which has ushered in innovations in the advertising world. Facebook is now a multifunctional and multifaceted enterprise, churning out multiple technological solutions that have recorded considerable success in social media satisfaction.

Facebook is among the top three websites around the world, with millions of unique visits daily, making it a perfect place to advertise products and services. Most startups with social media awareness have discovered the hidden power of Facebook as an affordable alternative to traditional advertising. It has also helped large businesses and SMEs to grow and add to their customer base, by expanding their reach and placing ads in front of the people who are most likely to respond.

In this series, Step 1 will begin by taking a look a Facebook Advertising in general, followed by 3 necessary measures to consider for optimal ad reach and engagement. Read the following: 

  1. Basics (Keep reading!)
  2. Choosing Your Target Audience (Read Now!)
  3. Ad Spend Budgeting and Bidding (Read Now!)
  4. Designing for Facebook’s Ad Types (Read Now!)


Basics of Facebook Advertising

But first, Facebook advertising is a way of setting up paid targeted posting on Facebook and displaying it to users as social content. For example, types of information collected include browser information, device type, demographic information, stored cookie data, advertising information from, and even offline and cached data.


How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Yeah sure, you now have an idea of what Facebook advertising, but you still can’t figure out how ads display to users on Facebook. Furthermore, how do Facebook advertisers serve up ads only to a select group of Facebook users?

Facebook Ads are displayed to users based on information on their Facebook Profile. Information such as age, location, and level of education. Other factors include relationship status, interests, and hobbies (favorite books, music, food, and the likes). These are used to target relevant audience for their ads. Additionally, Facebook advertisers are allowed to create a targeting filter to select the most relevant audience to whom their ad will be shown. This is based on their advertising objectives and the product that they are advertising.Select targeting allows advertisers to target the relevant audience who will be interested in the service or product featured.


Facebook Advertising Popularity?

At first, the Facebook advertising program was not so popular when it first started years ago. However, recently and over the years, it has risen to popularity among website owners.  Today, startups and business owners, non-governmental organizations, and even governments use social media advertising.

It is now among the top five (5) most popular and highly-rated advertising platforms on the internet. In fact, 96% of social media marketers think it is the most efficient advertising platform on social media!

Next, we will examine how to choose the right kind of audience for a Facebook ad campaign.

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