10 Ways to Transform Your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Into the Perfect Media Capturing Device

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone has proved to be “creative-friendly.” Since months of its release, Samsung has gathered influencers who use their device for blogging, freelancing, and even film-making. These artists love the amount of customizability Samsung offers in their smartphone. The S8+ is compatible with many different accessories from 3rd party to flagship. Even the cinematography community has been praising the S8 and S8+ as a customizable flagship smartphone. Accessories can take this device to the next level, helping transform your S8+ into your very own mini-DSLR. Here are ten tools you need:

Joby Tripod

We’ve been there before, after shooting for 10-20 hours, you come home to edit your masterpiece to discover that your footage is shaky and you can quite get it stabilized in editing. A traditional tripod can put a damper on the portable quality of the Galaxy S8. Pulling out those long steel legs and framing it just takes too much time. Gorilla pod legs are perfect for vloggers and cinematographers on the move. They are quick to frame, easy to set up, and are stable on various surfaces. Their flexibility offers a dynamic range of views to shoot from with your phone.

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Amir 3-in-1

The camera quality on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is outstanding on its own. The detail that comes with each photo is so perfect that photographers are substituting their DSLR’s for the pro-mode on the S8 and S8+ camera. However, there is a small flaw in smartphone cameras. Due to the thinness, a smartphone camera’s focal point can only zoom so far. Luckily, there is a way to increase the camera focal potential. Amir adds versatility to your smartphone’s camera quality. It comes with a .36x wide angle lens and a 25x macro lens that get rid of the blurry background for a more detailed image.


Samsung Gear 360

Virtual reality is the next big thing. If you want your YouTube channel to grow at an exponential rate, your audience will be craving something unique. 360-degree video camera quality is sharp and easy to use. 360 videos are scheduled to make a comeback thanks to the upgrades. Soon, 360 videos can be used more frequently and platforms like YouTube and Facebook are embracing their interactive and engaging format. Additionally, those that own VR goggles can access 360 videos for an immersive experience. This is a new frontier of filming, and this accessory works with the S8 and Gear VR to give you this filming capability.


Samsung USB-C HDMI Adapter

If you want to see your videos playing on a 4K TV smoothly, this adapter is worth the investment. Plugging in the HDMI cable and playing your videos/photos takes no longer than 5 minutes.


Amir Lens with LED Flashlight

Shooting footage in low-light spaces- like an abandoned church or after-dark- can be irritating without a light source. The Amir Lens with LED flashlight is useful live shooting when you need to illuminate the face or surroundings in the pinch. The price is small, and the brightness levels can be tweaked to your preferred settings. It’s also great for selfies, and some find uses for it in emergency situations, as a battery saving, alternative flashlight.

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Mobile Photo Printer

Maybe, you’re more of an influencer and use vintage aesthetics in your videos/photos. Polaroid pictures are becoming increasingly popular amongst millennials and Instagram influencers. However, finding an actual old, functional Polaroid camera is difficult, but with modern technology, we can “replicate” the aesthetic of an actual polaroid picture. Also, we can do this with extremely high quality with added vintage looks for appearance. It works just as easy as it sounds. Just download the app, take a picture, and begin printing your high-quality polaroid picture within minutes.


VEHO MUVI  X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera

Timelapses are increasingly popular amongst vloggers, cinematographers, and Youtubers. Either with a drone or a cleverly placed selfie-stick, getting a perfect time-lapse takes time, patience, and wit. With wit, you’ll need to know when to work smarter, not harder. A VEHO MUVI 360 rotating camera is perfect for the more energetic wittier worker. Getting a slowly rotating shot of New York’s skyline within a 30-minute time-frame can be done with the VEHO. It’s also useful for paranormal pictures. It takes the work out of getting the best photos possible.


KSIX Stabilizing Gimbal

Beginner vloggers seem to over-prepare but not enough to avoid shaky hand syndrome. A stabilizer removes shakiness from your smartphone videos. It is useful for vlogging, group photography, or cinematography. A stabilizer was initially used by professionals in big-budget Hollywood films, but artists have found numerous uses for it with their smartphones. Since then, a phone stabilizer is considered a necessary component for rookie vloggers to add professionalism to their videos. The KSIX is the most recommended amongst all stabilizers due to its small size and easy setup.


Olixar Pocket-Size Selfie-Stick

Selfie Sticks are considered to be the first favorite smartphone accessory. While they have been replaced by gimbals, rotating cameras, and drones, in recent years selfie-sticks are still great. It’s reliable, it makes getting last shots more comfortable, and they are cheap.   Vloggers love selfie-sticks as an emergency attachment: no power, no internet access, or own setup; the Olixar Pocket-size selfie-stick embodies what vloggers like about them. It can fit in your pocket or backpack and is quick to assemble and use; it’s small and cheap.

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Olixar Universal Smartphone Photography Kit

Having a full arsenal of smartphone photography technology in a briefcase is the ultimate investment. This package comes with a selfie-stick, tripod, waterproof lens, a bag, and a camera mount. All of these features for $22.59. It is perfect for any new photographer or vlogger that uses their smartphone.

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